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2021 Candidate Submissions

From left: Phelps and MaGuire. No photos submitted by Mooney and Kelly.
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All candidates running for office were asked to submit a statement of up to 350 words. The candidates included here are those who responded. The statements have not been edited.

Susan Mooney – Planning Board 3 years

We have lived in Nottingham since 1977. My husband and I were delighted to settle in a community that shared our appreciation for rural values, nature’s resources, and where residents exhibited an honest concern for each other. Over these forty plus years, we have set our roots down and have become active members of the community..

A New Hampshire native, raised in a small town in Cheshire County, I and my brothers raised chickens and sheep, planted trees, sugared, and grew a large garden. Appreciation for the importance of the land and for small farms grew as a result. During my career as a high school biology teacher in Haverhill, MA, I shared practical knowledge of these rural values and an appreciation of environmental protection with my students and colleagues. 

After participating in the 2001 Nottingham Community Profile, I was appointed to the Conservation Commission; and a few years later, in 2008, was elected to the Planning Board. During these tenures, I have been consistent in planning for our increasing population while preserving the rural beauty and natural resources that keep Nottingham a special place. An important role for me on the Planning Board is to bring the importance of resource protection to applications as we also address health, safety and property rights. Accomplishments have included increased communication among land use boards and Nottingham residents, and participation in the following: the previous Master Plan Update; the design of an optional open space development ordinance to preserve at least 50% of a major development in protected open space, and reduce infrastructure such as internal roadways to mitigate impacts for the town; reformatting and updating the Zoning Ordinance; a wireless communication overlay district; amendments to accessory dwelling units thus expanding housing opportunities; and impact fees for new dwellings. 

Working with others with honesty and open mindedness are the attributes by which I conduct my personal, professional and public lives. I would be grateful for your continued support.

James Phelps - Budget Committee 3 years

James Phelps, running for Trustee of the Trust Funds, a three year position.  I have lived in Nottingham for the last 3 years. We also lived here from 1990-2000.  We had moved to Dover when our girls went to high school and college.

I have a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance from SNHU.  I'm the Finance Controller at an enterprise level ISP.  Previously I specialized in tax and analytics while at CIT Bank.

Robert Kelly – Budget Committee 1 year

I have lived in the town of Nottingham since 2004 - 16 years

Approximately 10 years ago I launched my own business to serve the community I live in.  Budgeting is just one of the many skills I have achieved through the process.  

In my daily career as a Lead aircraft technician,  I delegate qualified personnel to appropriate work assignments, help oversee proper troubleshooting, ordering correct parts, assists contracts all to help stay within or reduce the overall guidelines of our budgets.  I am also part of the companies safety committee which keeps my team focused on proper safety protocols and high risk tasks.

But I do believe we are all good candidates with budget experience as we run our day to day households.

If I am elected all issues around town will be a priority.

Heidi MaGuire – School Treasurer

My name is Heidi Maguire. My husband and 2 sons have lived in town eleven years this coming May.

I am running for Nottingham School District Treasurer. I am currently the district treasurer and am looking to continue.

I have been preparing taxes and doing bookkeeping for well over 20 years. I have since started my own bookkeeping/accounting business in July of 2019. 

When I was employed by a CPA firm I was well educated in bookkeeping, cash flows, budgets, etc. My business has been very successful due to this education.

I am currently volunteer as the bookkeeper for Nottingham Youth Association, Nottingham PTA, local church in town. Before my child moved on to Boy scouts, I volunteered myself as a treasurer, popcorn coordinator and den leader for Cub scouts troop 167.

I am very reliable and trustworthy and feel I would be a good candidate for the position and have enjoyed working with district this past year.

There are no real issues with the school district that need to be addressed.