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2021 Candidate Submissions

From left: Maloney, Sanderson and Frye
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All candidates running for office were asked to submit a statement of up to 350 words. The candidates included here are those who responded. The statements have not been edited.

John B. Maloney III – Select Board 3 years

My family ties are deep and very long in Northwood. My grandfather, True Chesley , was a selectman for generations, I would like to further his devotion to the town. I attended Northwood Elementary School, and graduated from Coe-Brown Northwood Academy in 1974. I was a member of Northwood Rescue Squad from 1974 and still a member, a non responding member now.

I am a 29 year member of the MOOSE organization, having served up to state levels, a life member of the VFW, and a current member of the American Legion, serving in the US Navy as a medical corpsman.  I am a certified civil drafter with a degree from Eastern Florida State College. With over 20 years of land surveying experience, I do believe it will be a large asset as a selectman for the Town of Northwood. 

If elected, I am very interested in re-examining our present tax assessment and work to bring this back to comfortable levels for all, most residence of Northwood have been deeply affected by the COVID pandemic and this is a real strain to many.

Thank you for your vote

Pamela Sanderson – Select Board 2 years

I’ve been a resident of Northwood for 36+ years having found the town’s location perfect for a working couple originally commuting to work in Bow and Newington. I’m from Dunbarton NH so Northwood's small town character is exactly the lifestyle for me. I’m currently a high school teacher in the Lakes Region, teaching U.S. History and Economics.

I’ve been a member of the Northwood Zoning Board of Adjustment for the past 4 years and believe myself to be reasonable, fair, objective, and well versed in our town’s land ordinances and state RSA's. I was appointed to the Board of Selectmen in June of 2020 to fulfill a vacant position until this 2021 election could be held. One of my duties upon the BoS is to serve ex-officio upon the Northwood Budget Committee. I have endeavored to learn the duties and responsibilities of the BoS and to uphold this position of trust to the best of my abilities.

Northwood is a terrific town which like all of NH is undergoing the strain of economic upheaval due to Covid-19. Support for our local small businesses matters to me. I also see public safety as foremost in importance and support the efforts and abilities of our Fire and Police Departments to perform their duties as 1st responders in emergencies. Our town roads and their maintenance are also of great importance and like other direct services require responsible funding and expenditures. While I consider myself to be a frugal person by nature, I also have in my life seen the ramifications of putting off a repair or expenditure to a future time only to find that the expenditure becomes greater over time. Responsible, monitored and transparent allocation of town funds is a priority. It is important to acknowledge that the benefits and services available to Northwood residents are maintained, of good quality and of benefit to all.

Jennifer Frye – School Committee 3 years

My name is Jennifer Frye, and I am seeking a three-year term on the Northwood School Board. I was named to an interim position on the board in January of 2021 and feel that I have the skills, disposition, and drive to be successful continuing on the board. I have lived in Northwood with my husband Matt since 2006. We have two sons who both attend Northwood School, and I am a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of New Hampshire.

As an educator, I have participated in several accreditation processes, I understand the finer points of teaching and learning, and I have worked on many committees and focus groups committed to improving education outcomes for my students. As a community member, I currently serve as the president of the Black Bear Youth Lacrosse, and I have always jumped in wherever needed with school or community events. 

While my family has generally been happy with our experience at Northwood School, I realize that good schools don’t happen without proper governance and oversight. As a member of the school board, my aims are simple:

1) Help to create a strategic direction for Northwood School that will help our children to continue to grow and thrive as learners in the 21st century. 

2) Actively listen to members of the public and demand transparency in every action we take as a board. 

3) Remember that the board’s decisions can directly affect your family’s finances. 

4) Return to in-person instruction safely and thoughtfully. 

As an educator, a mother, and a taxpayer I am able to see any issue from multiple angles. I believe that ability to be the ultimate goal of a school board member. It will be my job to listen to a wide range of viewpoints and opinions. I will fight for what is best for every child in the school while never forgetting that each new idea comes with the possibility of an increased tax burden placed upon every resident in Northwood.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to see you at the polls on June 8th.