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2021 Candidates for Municipal Budget Committee 3 Years

From left: Beaubien, Hoteling, Huebner, Verville
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All candidates running for town office were asked to submit a statement of up to 350 words. The Municipal Budget Committee candidates included here are those who responded. The statements have not been edited.

Kevin Verville – Municipal Budget Committee 3 years

My name is Kevin Verville and I am a candidate for the Municipal Budget Committee.  I have lived in Deerfield with my wife and children since 2009.  I am a NH native.  I previously served on the budget committee from 2011-2018, and I served as chair of the committee from 2013-2015.  I have also served on the Open Space Committee, as a Trustee of the Trust Funds, and the Safety Services Steering Committee.  More recently I have served as one of your state representatives since 2016.

It is my opinion that in recent years the budget committee has been acting as a rubber stamp for all that is brought before them.  As an example, this year the budget committee took less than one hour to consider a $15,000,000 school budget.  That is not, in my opinion, living up to the fiduciary responsibility of the position.  If elected I will commit to a thorough, and thoughtful public consideration of both the municipal (town), and school budgets. 

If you want a budget committee that is willing to do the work it is elected to do then please vote for me, Kevin Verville, for Municipal Budget Committee on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.  Thank you.


William Huebner – Municipal Budget Committee 3 years

My Qualifications: As a business leader, I have 20 years of experience in creating balanced annual budgets that fund needed expenditures to grow my business while identifying and eliminating unnecessary spending. I will use my business skills to protect us Deerfield taxpayers ensuring that essential town services are provided at the lowest possible cost.

I have chosen my campaign slogan as "Common Cents. If elected, I promise to faithfully carry out my duty to represent the taxpayers of Deerfield by recommending a budget that serves the needs of our town well and prioritizes the things Deerfield needs most.

If elected, I will hold the line on taxes and focus my attention on better use of our Deerfield tax dollars. That is the responsibility of the Budget Committee. I am for effective education of our children, modern police, fire, and EMT services, safe roadways, and efficient town government. I am a proven leader who can influence groups of people to accomplish great things by working together. All I ask for is your vote. Thanks for your trust and support.

My Background: I have been a Deerfield resident for 3 years and have been elected to serve as President of the Pleasant Lake Preservation Association (PLPA) protecting one of Deerfield’s greatest natural resources. ( My wife and I raised 7 children and have 11 grandchildren.

I was raised in Connecticut and rural Vermont, the son of a German immigrant through Ellis Island in 1929. I earned my Eagle Scout award in 1970 and my Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering at Yale University in 1980.

As a young graduate, I joined DuPont as a Research Scientist where I invented and patented several environmental technologies to battle air pollution. I now own and operate Process Combustion Corporation, an international environmental equipment company. We engineer, manufacture, and supply air pollution treatment equipment and technologies to chemical and petrochemical production plants around the world( I am very proud of our company and what we have accomplished to make the world’s environment cleaner.

Andrea Hotaling – Municipal Budget Committee 3 years

My husband and I moved to Deerfield from upstate New York 7 years ago when I retired. We chose Deerfield because we wanted to become part of a new community in close proximity to the many outdoor activities that NH has to offer and also to be closer to our grandchildren. As a retiree I now have the luxury of free time which I would like to use to contribute to that community. Pre Covid, I enjoyed volunteering at the monthly Deerfield food pantry and hope to resume participation soon.

I am a CPA with experience in a variety of accounting fields over the course of a 45-year career including positions in public accounting, corporate accounting, tax accounting, and most recently as a professor of accounting at Siena College. I have developed a variety of accounting competencies in my professional positions and have taught accounting students about financial reporting, budgets, and taxation. In 2017 & 2018 I was a member of the MBC where I learned much about the NH municipal budget process and the financial challenges facing Deerfield in the future. During those two sessions I was able to make some corrections to the default budget calculations and to reduce the proposed town budget.

There are significant financial issues that will need to be addressed in the near future. The proposed addition to the Deerfield Community School and the continuing need for a police or safety complex are two big ticket items that need to be explored and funded appropriately. I will try to balance the needs and wants of the community with the tax burden and would appreciate your support on June 8th.


Bonnie Beaubien – Municipal Budget Committee 3 years

I have lived in Deerfield for 42 years.

Previously I served as a  Library Trustee and six years on the School Board. Presently I am on the Budget Committee.