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Cruise Night is Back: May 25, 2021

Cruise Night to be at Liar’s Paradise Left to right Wynn Varney in the 300th tee shirt and Kevin Varney
Steve Soreff, MD
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Wynn Varney, one of the hosts and members of the Cruise Night directors, is pleased to announce that Cruise Night will start on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 and run on every Tuesday night until September 7, 2021 weather permitting. He said “these nights are one of Nottingham’s signature social events.” The 2020 season was curtailed to only 3 nights because of state COVID restrictions. Varney says “the summer series of events runs from 5 to 7 PM. He notes that all types of cars are welcome. There is no admission fee, although attendees are urged to make a donation. Historically, donations and proceeds from the fifty-fifty raffle have gone to the Nottingham Food Pantry. He pointed out that “over the approximately 15 years of Cruise Night seasons, donations to the Food Pantry have been in excess of $20,000.” He added “just for this year 2021 the donations and money from the fifty-fifty raffle would be evenly divided between the Nottingham Food Pantry and the 300th Committee."

Varney outlined the format of each Cruise Night. He noted that five people -Linda, Jimma, Jim, Linda and himself- actually run the evening’s events. There are trivia contests with the winners getting coupons for either a slice of pizza or donut. There will be music. There is also a door prize for the car of that night. And, there is it centerpiece fifty-fifty raffle. Additionally, he set the first Cruise Night in the 2022-year season on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 called Cruise Night and a Cruise for Nottingham’s 300th Anniversary celebration.