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Culvert Repair on NH Route 156

Culvert repair work in the north bound lane Route 156
Steve Soreff, MD
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It has been said that New England has three seasons: winter, summer and road repair. Today on NH Route 156 in Nottingham that was so true. On Monday, May 17, 2021, just north on Route 156 heading down from Nottingham Square, toward Nottingham center you would encounter that the road is only open to one lane traffic. There are traffic lights on both sides of the construction work to control passage to only one open lane. And the construction, which is the reason for one lane, is there to repair of the culvert running under Route 156. In the morning of May 17th, New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) is repairing the culvert under the northbound lane. The outflow section of the culvert is on that side of the road. In that afternoon, with the north lane culvert fixed and covered over, DOT will work on the southbound lane (toward Raymond). They plan to have the basic work done by the end of today, May 17, 2021.

There are two reasons for this culvert repair. The first is that the culvert itself does require work. However, the big reason is that state is planning to repave all of NH Route 156 soon. Also, farther south on Route 156 toward Raymond from the culvert repair work, a tree trimming crew work near the entrance of Dolloff Dam. So today, NH Route 4 in Nottingham is the focus of two different work crews.