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Deerfield Warrant Article #9

View of the Marston Farm homestead from the proposed easement area.
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The Marston Family Forest, part of the historic Marston Farm, was generously donated to the Town, and it is the donor’s wish that it become a Town Forest to protect the property's valuable natural resources, maintain public access as part of the Great Brook Corridor, and help preserve Deerfield’s rural character. The following Warrant Article will be on the ballot in Deerfield in June:

Warrant Article #9: To see if the Town shall vote to establish the 128-acre Town-owned Marston Family Forest as a Town Forest as defined in RSA 31:111 to be managed by the Conservation Commission and to convey a conservation easement pursuant to NH RSA 477:45-47 to one or more qualified conservation organizations which will permanently restrict its use to open space purposes, including wildlife habitat conservation, forestry, and recreation, as an addition to an existing conservation easement on the property.

Passage of this warrant article will be the culmination of a project partially funded by the NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program and will result in the reimbursement to the Town Conservation Fund of $50,000. Receipt of these funds is contingent on the conveyance of an updated conservation easement which conforms to state guidelines and reflects current best practices. The Town will lose these funds if this article is not passed.

For more information about the Marston Family Town Forest project, including an interview with Gile Beye and Holly Tomlison, visit the Deerfield Conservation Commission Facebook page.