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Legacy Lunches In-person are BACK!

Left Bridget Hart, Assistant Director. and right, Kortney Dorow, Director (NP&RD) , preparing for the in-person Legacy Lunches on June 16.
Steve Soreff, MD
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For over a year, the Nottingham Parks and Recreation Department (NPRD) has been delivering Legacy lunches to Nottingham residents who are 55 years or older to their homes. Due to COVID 19, in person lunches at the Community Center were not possible for two reasons. One there was a mask mandate and two entries to Center were by appointment only. However, NPRD honored its commitment to serve Nottingham residents of all ages. Thus, it began its home delivery program. Then, the Nottingham Board of Selectmen (BOS) at its May 17, 2021 meeting, it lifted its mask mandate for the Community Center. That made it possible for the NPRD to resume in person Legacy Lunches.

The lunches will be served outdoors on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at noon. If it rains, then the meal would be indoors. However, NPRD recognizes that not all seniors are comfortable yet with that arrangement. Instead, it will make home delivers on Thursday, May 17, 2022. Please RSVP the NP&RD by calling 603-679-3435 x107 OR emailing by June 14 for either the in-person June 16 or delivery on June 17, 2021.