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Marston Farm Recreational Area Clean-up May 22

The some of the volunteers picking-up trash the challenging terrain along the new trail at Marston Photograph by Kortney Dorow
Steve Soreff, MD
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On a bright, warm Saturday May 22 morning at 8 AM, 23 volunteers gathered at the Marston Farm Recreational Area (MFRA).  They had answered the Nottingham Parks and Recreation’s (NPRD) call for volunteers. Some came with chainsaws and a small tractor.  They spent 4 hours collecting trash and constructing two trails.  And work they did.  As Kortney Dorow, NPRD said “the volunteers that showed up put in an incredible amount of work to get the trails usable.” She added, The  NPRD is “ encouraging folks to check out the property and explore the trails. We are still asking that people keep off the baseball and softball fields as we are still trying to grow grass. There is a hiking loop that is mostly flagged with pink tape. There is also a smaller, flatter loop that is flagged with orange tape. This will hopefully turn into an “ADA trail” loop at some point in the development of the property. The idea is to create a walking path suitable for wheelchairs,  and strollers.” The volunteers not only made 2  trails but also collected and removed  tons of junk from along them.

As the picture shows, there were tons of metal junk there. Which leads to the question how did all the material get there? Here is the backstory. The MFRA is located in the southeast section of Nottingham, at the intersection of Case Road and Mill Pond Road. The Marston family owned this property thru the 1800’s until Elbridge G. Marston sold “the Homestead Farm” in 1903. The more recent owner was Mr. Don Lee. The Town has owned the property since 2009. The Town of Nottingham, worked with the NH Department of Environmental Service to clean up hazardous waste and materials located on the property starting in the late 1990’s. The NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) issued an Administrative order to Mr. Lee in 2001 regarding the clean-up of the hazardous material, and placed a lien on the property for repayment of the cleanup costs. An agreement between the Town of Nottingham and NH DES took place in 2013 for release of the lien. The agreement stated the Town would own the property on a permanent basis and it would be used only for public purposes. The once farm became over time place filled with hazardous material, car parts, hunks of metal and junk by latter owners.

Here are two pieces of follow-up information. As for the huge amount collected trash, the Nottingham Highway Department is planning to take and sell the metal material there. Those proceeds will go back into the MFRA project. The remaining trash will be removed. Dorow notes, “We are so thankful for all of the hard work that was put in on Saturday and cannot believe the progress that was made. The Parks and Rec Dept THANKS YOU!! We have another clean up scheduled for June 12, from 8am until 12pm. Please sign up on the Nottingham Parks and Recreation website.”