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Nottingham Recreation Delivers

Nottingham Recreation Department delivering lunches. Left to right Bridget Hart and Kortney Dorow
Steve Soreff, MD
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The Chinese symbol for crisis has two parts - danger and opportunity. The COVID 19 crisis has those two components. The danger is clear - a viral contagious fatal infection requiring social distancing for a prolonged as yet to be determined time. That meant for the Nottingham Parks & Recreation Department (NP&RD) no annual spring egg hunt and no legacy luncheons. But the ND&RD saw this an opportunity to continue its mission to serve Nottingham youth and seniors. It brought the eggs to the children’s homes. On Friday, April 10, 2020, NP&RD members on their masks and gloves and distributed over 2,000 eggs to 88 households and 181 children in Nottingham.

With the New Hampshire Governor’s orders of no group activity and the April Legacy Lunch cancelled, the department again rallied. If Nottingham residents 55 years of age or older could not come to the Community Center, the department would come to their homes, as Legacy Lunch on Wheels program.

On Wednesday, April 29, 2020, Kortney Dorow, the Director and Bridget Hart, the Assistant Director of NP&RD set out to deliver lunches to legacy lunches throughout Nottingham. They wore face masks and gloves. They started at 11:30 AM and completed their rounds by 2:30 PM. The went to 16 homes and dropped off 24 lunches. As one of the recipients of those lunches, this reporter can testify as the quality of the meal and say how much it was appreciated. Thank you, Recreation Department!