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Planning for the Encampment and Re-enactment: August 19-21,2022

The planning group who gathered at Nottingham Square
Steve Soreff, MD
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On a hot, windy Saturday, June 5, 2021 morning at 11 AM, Bob Davidson, Adjutant/Lieutenant of the 1st New Hampshire Regiment and member of Nottingham’s 300th Committee brought together an amazing collection of folks to plan for a Revolutionary War encampment and re-enactment August 19-21, 2022 at Nottingham Square. The encampment and re-enactment represent two of the centerpiece events as part of Nottingham’s celebration of its 300th anniversary in 2022.

This is list of those who gathered there. There were representatives of the following re-enactment units: 1st New Hampshire Regiment, 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, His Majesty’s Tenth Regiment of Foot, United Train of Artillery, 3nd Massachusetts Regiment, French Royal Armiee, French Forces: 85eme Régiment de Saintonge, and the Crane Artillery. From the Select Board there was Tyler Eaton and Benjamin Bartlett. Nottingham safety representatives were Police Chief Fawn Woodman and Fire & Rescue Chief Jaye Vilchock. Many members of the 300th Committee including its chair, Steve Welch. as well as members of the Nottingham Historical Society. There was Rich Clyborne, the Executive Director of the Gundalow Company. Included in the group was Romeo Danais. Danais not only lives next to Nottingham Square but also will allow his fields to be used for the actual encampment and re-enactment. And there were folks who live around Nottingham Square.

The meeting lead by Bob Davidson began with people introducing themselves and explaining their roles in the encampment and re-enactment. Then, they walked to the site of actual encampment. Input from neighbors was very helpful in laying out the locations where various units would to be spending Friday and Saturday nights August 19 and 20, 2022. The group then walked into Danais huge field, the site where the enactment “battles” would take place. Members of the participating regiments were very impressed by the size and expanse of the terrain. They also looked into parking options, provisions for water, ice and wood for the overnight groups. It was noted that only the state of New Hampshire has the rights and authority to close state roads. This is especially important since NH Route 156 intersects with the Deerfield and Ledge Farm Roads at Nottingham Square.

The meeting was successful. It set the tone and agenda for future planning for the encampment and re-enactment. This encampment and re-enactment is part of a yearlong celebration plan by the 300th Committee. Here is a partial list of scheduled activities for 2022. Starting in January, there will be a Bonfire, on the 8th. In March there will a play based on a Town Meeting and a Pie Social. In April , there will mini-march to Medford in response to the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Then in May, there will be the reading of the Town Charter and the Never‘s Second Regiment Band will perform. Also, in May there will a Fishing Derby and Cruise Night and a Cruise at Liar’s Paradise. In July, there will be a July 4th Boat Parade. August will be very busy month. On the 13th will the big 300th parade; the 14th there be the Blueberry Pancake breakfast. On the 16th there will a talent show. The on the 19th-21st there will be the encampment and re-enactment, which is the reason for this June 5th meeting. In September, there be the Earth Festival. And finally in December, there will be both a Tree Lighting event and a Closing ceremony.

If you or your organization wants to participate in the celebration, please, contact the 300th Committee