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Renewable Energy Tax Exemption - No Cost

Wes Golomb
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There will be a Renewable Energy Tax Exemption warrant article on the ballot in Deerfield on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. The proposal comes word-for-word from the New Hampshire State website and is revenue-neutral. That means it will not cost Deerfield any revenue. It removes a disincentive for property owners to install renewable energy. The following informational video and fact sheet explain: (Click FULL SCREEN on video)

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption


(Based on information available at New Hampshire State websites, see below)

State law - RSA 72:61-72 permits cities and towns to offer exemptions from local property taxes for certain renewable energy installations. These include solar systems (thermal and photovoltaic), wind turbines, and central wood-fired heating systems. (Wood stoves and fireplaces are not included.)

"The goal of the exemption is to create a tax neutral policy within a municipality that neither increases an individual's property tax, nor decreases the municipality's property tax revenues.” (Quoted from the State of New Hampshire web site.)

By implementing it as a tax neutral policy, homeowners do not have a disincentive of higher property taxes for installing a renewable energy system, and since there is no net reduction in municipal tax revenues, other taxpayers in a municipality are not affected.

Below is a basic example of how the exemption might work:

$200,000 Assessed value of the property

+$20,000 Ad valorem* value of the renewable energy system

$220,000 New assessed value of the property

-$20,000 Portion of assessed value exempt from property taxes

$200,000 New assessed value of the property w/ the renewable energy exemption.”

-Twenty-five states currently offer such an exemption. In New Hampshire the exemption is passed by individual towns.

-Ten towns in our area have already adopted the exemption to help encourage individual renewable energy projects with a total of 118 towns across the state having enacted this tax policy.

NH Public Utilities page on Renewable Energy

NH Renewable Energy Incentives

Programs and Initiatives

Renewable energy offers savings for our whole community.

*Ad valorem is Latin for "according to value.”

Reader Comments
Harry Bosworth
JUN 03, 2021  •  VOTE AGAINST THIS------why should one way of looking at a problems solution receive a benefit and another point of view be penalized ? And not receive the same benefit .