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Resurfacing NH Route 156

A driver’s view of NH Route 156 on May 27, 2021
Steve Soreff, MD
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Drivers on NH Route 156 in May have not infrequently encountered a traffic light. It tells you stop or proceed on that section of road limited to one lane. As you pass between the lights, you will observe a number of New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT) trucks and many vested workers. In one instance, they were replacing a failing culvert. At another time, there were widening the road and applying asphalt to it. Whenever this reporter stopped to take pictures and make inquiry, he was greeted by a smiling foreman who said, “Thanks for asking, but only my boss or the DOT Chief Communications Officer can answer your questions.” There was a hint that all these activities were done in preparation for a major work on that highway.
Since NH 156 is not only one of the key state thoroughfares in Nottingham but also my only motoring access to world, I did ask the DOT. Eileen P. Meaney, Chief Communications Officer, State of NHDOT on Friday, May 28, 2021 offered this explanation. “The Section of NH 156 that I believe that you are referring to is included in the 16166J district VI resurfacing project for this summer.  The section goes from the intersection with NH 27 in Raymond to the intersection with NH 152 in Nottingham.  The project includes a full width pavement inlay near NH 27 and full width overlay for the remainder of the section.  The section should be available to the contractor no later than July 1st and needs to be completed no later than September 24, 2021 per the contract.  The paving could occur anytime in that window and the contractor is responsible for notifying the town in advance of actually starting paving.” She added, “Continental Paving from Londonderry is the contractor for the project.”
Now you know what is happening and when it will occur on NH Route 156 this summer. Safe passage!