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Tails and Tales: The 2021 Summer Reading Program

Smyth Public Library
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The Smyth Public Library’s virtual reading program this summer includes take-home packets with a comprehensive list of at-home activities, crafts, and culinary explorations. Rather than offer one program each week, this year we’re taking advantage of some of the virtual opportunities to offer three different program categories. They are:
  • Read, Learn, Create
  • Cooks Corner
  • and Artist of the Week
Each program category contains eleven different activities and ideas to engage children throughout the summer. It is up to you, at home, to decide which category you wish to pursue on any given week or day. It is also up to you to decide which order you wish to complete these activities. For example: you could choose to complete a Read, Learn, Create activity on Mondays, on Wednesdays complete a Cooks Corner recipes, and on Fridays complete an Artist of the Week masterpiece.  Call the library for more information.   603-483-8245.