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Two Bridges: One to the Marsh Woods and the Other between Two Community Groups

The bridge construction crew left to right Alan Rubin, Mark Wageling, Michael Koester (in back), Celia Abrams, and Pete Wawrzonek Photograph by Pete Wawrzonek 
Steve Soreff, MD
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Some of the neatest hiking trails in Nottingham are the Marsh Woods Trails. Trails are developed, marked and maintained by the Nottingham Conservation Commission’s Trails Committee. Here is its description from the Nottingham town website: “This 93-acre property offers a wide variety of natural and historic features for your hike along its 1.2 miles of trails. The North River flows for 5400 feet from the Freeman Hall bridge at the north to broad marshlands in the south. The northern boulder-strewn channel includes the site of an historic mill, owned from 1833 until 1929 by the Marsh family, for whom the property is named.” Although, the trail system is extensive, varied and historic, its trail head access from Freeman Hall Road crosses a brook. which depending on the season. is difficult to cross.

The Conservation Commission’s (CC) Trails Committee asked the Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association (PLIA) for help in designing and construction a bridge over that brook. In February, 2020, Celia Adams, co -chair of the Trails Committee led a small expedition on snowshoes to survey the entire trail network and see the bridge site. Then on March 20, 2021 a joint task force made of members of the Trail Committee and the PLIA went to the brook site. They looked at possible bridge configurations and did measurements. They determined that a bridge was doable there. And, based on those dimensions and measurements, Mark Wageling designed the bridge. Armed with these plans, Dee Decker was able to secure by donation of about $500 of construction material from the Home Depot in Hooksett. Mark Wageling then picked up the donated lumber and brought it to Nottingham.

With materials on hand, a joint team of the CC and PLIA members began work. On Friday, April 30, 2021 Mark Wageling, Carol and Pete Wawrzonek ferried the wood from truck parked Freeman Hall Road to the bridge site. On Saturday morning at 9 AM, May 1, 2021 the team of Alan Rubin, Mark Wageling, Michael Koester, Celia Abrams, and Pete Wawrzonek gathered and assembled the bridge. It took about 3 hours to complete the job. And as Pete Wawrzonek said, “the bridge could be expanded by to include railings.”

Thanks to the Nottingham Conservation Commission’s Trails Committee and Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association, there is a bridge into the Marston Woods Trails.